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Pumpable Sub-Floor Smoothing Compound Base Mix  

ARDEX K 15-B is an advanced and versatile base mix designed for applications from 7mm up to a maximum of 35mm.  It is virtually tension free and is designed to rapidly level uneven, hard sub-floors.

Used in conjunction with either ARDEX P82 or ARDEX P51 primers, ARDEX K 15-B  can be applied to old sub-floors, e.g. concrete and other hard and rigid bases. 

ARDEX K 15-B is a grey powder consisting of special cements, graded aggregates and high quality synthetic resins.  When mixed with water, a fluid, pumpable mortar is produced which can be applied to the required thickness in one operation.


Floor coverings: • Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
• Ceramic and quarry tiles
• Timber-parquetry and floating
Substrates: • Levelling tamped, uneven, damaged or rained on situ concrete sub-floors.
• Applied to old sub-flooring eg concrete and other hard and rigid bases
Location: Internal in above or below grade applications
Drying Time: • Walkable in 2 hours
• Ready for floor coverings within 48 hours 
Thickness: From 7mm to 35mm
Coverage: 1.9m2 at 7mm thick
Packaging: 25kg bag