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Rapid Set Screed Cement 


ARDEX A35 is a special cement for producing a rapid setting, rapid hardening and ultra-rapid drying floor screed. After only one day the compressive strength and tensile bending strength of an ARDEX A35 screed exceeds the acceptable minimum attained by an ordinary cement screed after 28 days and is also dry, irrespective of thickness. ARDEX A35 can be used to produce a bonded screed, an unbonded floor screed laid onto a membrane, or floating floor screeds laid onto a compressive quilt/insulating material.


Floor coverings: Ceramic tiles , natural stone tiles, vinyl and textile
Substrates:  New and existing concrete
Location: Internal and external
Colours: Grey
Working Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Drying Time: Walk on after 3 hours, receive floor covering after 1 day
Thickness: • Minimum 15mm for bonded screeds
• Minimum 50mm for unbounded screeds
• Minimum 75mm for floating screeds
• 65mm in lightly loaded (domestic) locations
Coverage: • Approximately 0.37kg ARDEX A35cement per m2 for each mm of screed thickness using a 1:4 mix.
• Approximately 0.31kg ARDEX A35 cement per m2 for each mm of screed thickness using a 1:5 mix.
• For slurry bonding allow an extra 2 x 25kg, ARDEX A35 cement and 3 x 5kg of bonding agent ARDEX P51 per 100 m2
Packaging: 25 kg bag