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Economical Flexible Rubber Modified Tile Adhesive (Improved Glue) 


ARDEX X 52 is an economical rubber modified adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles in internal and external (with satisfactory falls) situations. It can be used over render, plasterboard, fibre-cement sheets and concrete in situations where minimal movement (up to 0.3mm) is anticipated. When mixed with water, a flexible mortar that meets the S1 tile adhesive classification is produced. ARDEX X 52 is ideal for fixing ceramic, fully vitrified, porcelain, non-moisture sensitive natural stone tiles and mosaics. ARDEX X 52 can be used in residential and commercial applications with satisfactory falls.


Tile Types: Porcelain, mosaics, fully vitrified, ceramic tiles and natural stone (excluding moisture sensitive stone and translucent tiles)
Substrates: • Cement render/screeds, concrete
• Fibre-cement sheet, plasterboard
• Compressed fibre-cement sheet
• ARDEX undertile liquid applied waterproofing membranes
(Not suitable for use directly over timber floors)
Location: Internal, External (with satisfactory falls) (Not suitable for continuous immersion applications e.g. swimming pools)
Surfaces: Floors, Walls 
Colours: Off White 
Coverage: Walls: 13m2 to 15m2 per 20kg
Floors: 8m2 to 10m2 per 20kg 
Packaging: 20 kg