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Undertile Butynol 


ARDEX WPM 750 Undertile Butynol is a sheet membrane system that is used for waterproofing tiled areas such as showers and bathrooms. As compared to liquid waterproofing membranes, Undertile Butynol gives a thin and consistent waterproofing gauge. This system can also fast track installation as there is no need to wait for liquids to dry – simply apply the solvent free adhesive and then the membrane (like wallpaper). Tiling can begin 60 minutes after the membrane is installed. This product has a fleece on both sides of the fabric yet it still contains all the strength and waterproofing capabilities of standard Butynol. The laps of the membrane can be heat-welded using a Leister Hot Air Gun. This ensures a standard thickness and that all the laps are securely joined, creating a fail-safe waterproofed area.

  • -Sheet membrane for waterproofing tiled areas
  • -Tiling can begin 60 minutes after membrane installation
  • -Thin & consistent waterproofing gauge
  • -Heat weld corners and laps
  • -Available with a unique clamp waste outlet