Adhesive Vinyl Flooring


Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

We all know that vinyl flooring has quickly become one of the most versatile and sought after options on the market. There are a range of advantages it brings to residential and commercial spaces that utilise it, from durability to the low maintenance required for the upkeep.

Flooring adhesives are an essential component of most types of installations. The different types of adhesives have different performance properties/characteristics and tend to achieve their full cure time at different rates. A contract-grade multipurpose adhesive (typically used to adhere an underlayment to a subfloor) contains more water than the typical pressure-sensitive adhesive used to install the flooring with different curing time and type of application.

Benefits of choosing adhesive vinyl flooring

Adhesive vinyl flooring is recommended among  contractors and owners for two main reasons: fail-safe and cost-efficiency.


Flooring adhesives provide maximum bond strength and high-calibre tack and peel strength to stick to all types of floor covering. You can get a new and durable resilient flooring with no worries about debonding and shrinkage issues.


The flooring adhesive sets quickly, accommodating tight remodelling and construction schedules. The flooring adhesives offer high moisture resistance and shear strength with easy clean and easy spread formula characteristics so it works well on all grades and types of LVT, vinyl, linoleum, rubber and wooden floors, among other types. It also gives the adhesive a stable tack profile over long periods of installation.

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