Carpet Adhesive


Carpet Adhesive

Carpet Adhesive

It is common for the flooring to require adhesives to be installed properly. From direct glue to spray adhesives, these act as contact screed that adheres your flooring material to subfloors or an underlayment. Similarly, carpets, a flooring type, also require adhesives that create long-lasting bonds. Be it carpets or carpet tiles, the adhesives used must be robust and resilient enough to ensure that the flooring is anchored firmly to meet the demands of high foot traffic and the constant trampling.

All There is to Know About Carpet Adhesives

Used during the installation process, carpet adhesives must perform in terms of delivering the necessary grab and withstanding the traffic load. Given the advancement in carpet backings, adhesives must also provide a more aggressive hold that will last for several years.

How long does carpet adhesive installation take?

Depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines, most carpet installation take about a day or two to dry completely. At ARDEX, we carry a full range of fast-track products. Hence, long drying times will be a thing of the past, guaranteeing your flooring projects – residential or commercial – to be completed in no time at all.

Are carpet adhesives safe?

From PVA to polyurethane adhesives, commonly available flooring adhesives contain chemically hazardous compounds such as plasticizers, thickeners, surfactants, and hardeners. Narrowing in on the carpets, these flooring types are known to emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making off-gassing relatively common. However, does that mean that the adhesives used to affix the carpets also contain harmful VOCs? This boils down to the adhesive supplier.

At ARDEX, our existing and new products are all independently tested for VOC content. This means that the carpet adhesives that we’ve made accessible have relatively low VOC off-gassing, making them a healthier choice. Premium multipurpose flooring adhesive like the ARDEX AF 190 and ARDEX AF 148,  felt-backed carpet tiles, has the Green Label Certification – further testifying its safety levels.

Why Choose ARDEX for Flooring Adhesives?

At ARDEX, we carry a comprehensive range of carpet adhesives. Running on the philosophy to only innovate high-quality construction materials, you can rest assured that our flooring adhesives meet industry standards and are optimally environmentally friendly. For more information on selecting the right adhesive for your floor works, get in touch with our technical experts today.

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