Overlay Flooring


Overlay Flooring

Overlay Flooring

The process of adding a brand-new layer of flooring material such as tiles over existing floors is known as overlay. Instead of hacking the existing floors and replacing them entirely, a more cost-effective solution is to install a second flooring layer on top with an adhesive. A relatively straightforward renovation project, overlaying revamps your floors in a shorter period. This, however, is only possible if the existing flooring is in excellent condition and is not old and hollow.

All There is to Know About Overlay Flooring

Once you’ve determined that your flooring is in good condition, the next step is to assess if the existing flooring is sufficiently levelled. Floors should be absent of bumps and pronounced grout joints to ensure a smoother finish. Think you’ll require floor levelling services? Fret not – ARDEX offers floor levelling solutions that act as the perfect substrate for subsequent laying works.

Reasons to overlay your existing flooring

There are multiple reasons for overlay flooring. From enhancing the overall sustainability of your floors to helping you save on renovation costs, installing new tiles over existing tile flooring brings several benefits. Some of these include:

  • Better flooring protection

When you install an additional flooring layer over the original tiles, the overlay acts as an intermediate layer. Offering much-needed protection, your flooring will last longer as a result.

  • Shorter renovation period

As mentioned, overlay flooring gets rid of the need to hack existing floors. This cuts down the amount of manual labour required and, in turn, ensures your renovation project is completed faster.

  • Cheaper renovation costs

Since hacking costs quite a sum, overlaying saves more money.

Can you overlay toilet tiles?

Most certainly. If your existing flooring is in good condition and free of any moisture, you can overlay toilet tiles in the bathroom.

Why Choose ARDEX for Overlay Flooring Solutions?

From floor levelling to tile installation systems, ARDEX has all the premium tiling and waterproofing system solutions. Abiding by our philosophy to only innovate high-quality construction materials and having all our products go through rigorous quality control procedures, you can rest assured our tiling solutions meet industry standards. For more information on services and solutions, get in touch with us today.